What is the Orchard OCD Registry?

A registry is a database where information is stored about people who all have something in common. The Orchard OCD Registry was created to match individuals with OCD who are interested in being involved in research studies, to researchers who require participants. We aim to collect information from individuals with OCD and use it to identify potentially suitable studies for them to participate in.


While we are looking for individuals with OCD to sign up to the registry, we also need studies for potential participants to sign up for. Therefore, if you are a researcher in the recruitment phase of a study requiring individuals with OCD, we would invite you to sign up.

Which organisations are involved?

The Orchard OCD Registry is a collaboration between Orchard, an OCD charity (https://www.orchardocd.org/) and the University of Hertfordshire (www.herts.ac.uk)

What are the benefits of registering my study?

We are aware of how challenging it can be to recruit enough participants for research studies. If your study is accepted on the registry, it will be advertised to volunteers who may be suitable according to your eligibility criteria. Therefore, your recruitment rates may increase, resulting in a higher chance that you will achieve your desired sample size.

What types of studies are accepted?

We do not currently have a specific criterion of type of study. Studies can be those assessing intervention effectiveness e.g., pharmacological or psychological treatment, surveys or questionnaires, biological tests etc.

However, we do request that studies have been reviewed and accepted by an Ethics Committee if we feel that there may be ethical concerns. Please note that we may ask for proof that your study has been approved by an Ethics Committee when you apply, for example an email.

How do I sign my study up to the Registry?

If you are interested in advertising your study on the Orchard OCD Registry, you will need to complete our online “Registry Request Form”. You can access the registration form by clicking the green button at the top of this page. This form asks for information about the study, such as aims, methods, desired sample size etc. which is then submitted to members of our team for checking. They will decide whether the study will be accepted onto the registry, and if they have any further questions, they will contact you via our email.

How are volunteers made aware of my study once it is accepted?

If your study is accepted, volunteers will be emailed details of the study if they match your eligibility criteria. This process of matching volunteers to studies is done through our databases. If they are interested, they can then contact you using the details you provide on your study advert.

Your study will also be listed on the “Participate in research” page of our website. This is where we list all studies which are currently recruiting and therefore volunteers can access this page to browse for studies. If they find a study they appear eligible for and are interested, they will contact you using the details you provided.

Can I update information on my study?

Yes, you can update your information by contacting us on orchardocdregistry@herts.ac.uk and letting us know what amendments you would like to make.

Can I have more than one study on the Registry?

Yes, as long as studies are accepted by our team they will be advertised on the Registry. You will need to complete a Registry Request form for each study.

Am I required to follow any rules or policies while my study is on the Registry?

We ask that you agree to share the results of your study with us once it is complete, so that these can be made available on the website. We also ask that you report how many of your participants were recruited by hearing about it via the Orchard Registry. This will allow individuals with OCD, as well as members of the public to read research findings therefore increasing education and awareness around OCD.

For further information please see our Terms of Engagement.

How do I remove my study from the Registry?

If you decide that you would no longer like your study to be advertised on the registry, or you have achieved the desired sample size, please contact us at orchardocdregistry@herts.ac.uk. We will then update the website so that your study still shows on our “Participate in research” page, however its status will say “no longer recruiting” and your contact details will be removed so that no further volunteers can contact you.